How to Drag And Drop Capture

How to Drag And Drop Capture

There are many ways to capture documents in Nucleus One. Today I am going to show you how to drag and drop files into nucleus one. Navigate to the project you would like to capture under. Then, click on your Documents folder or a subfolder within the documents folder....
Collaboration Overview

Collaboration Overview

Working with a team often is a collaborative effort and that is no different with documents. Oftentimes discussing content, tasking changes, and even just keeping tabs on the status of things becomes part of the process. It can start from the moment the document has...
Submitting a Form

Submitting a Form

There are several reasons why a form is needed. Maybe you are applying for a loan or a new job. Perhaps it is the first visit to a doctor’s office. By processing forms electronically, allowing the documents to be processed much faster. Completing Forms Accessibility...
Basic Document Events in Nucleus One

Basic Document Events in Nucleus One

Document events are created when user or workflow actions manipulate a document in Nucleus One. This guide will display what the different basic event types mean when reviewing the event history of a document. This article also contains examples of how these event...
Installing Nucleus One Capture Agent

Installing Nucleus One Capture Agent

TWAIN Capture Feature in Nucleus One allows users to use TWAIN compatible scanner devices. Additionally, this feature allows users to navigate to an image file stored in the local PC and upload the image file to Nucleus One. The image file will be processed for OCR....
Downloading Documents in Nucleus One

Downloading Documents in Nucleus One

Documents in Nucleus One can be downloaded in many different ways, including while previewing a document via the ellipsis icon, viewing from a list of documents, or a card view. Steps Login. Navigate to a single document or multiple documents in Nucleus One in the...
Subscribe to documents

Subscribe to documents

After subscribing to a document, the document will be listed in your “Subscription” Page, and the user will have direct access to the document. Additionally, the user will be notified on any changes or events in the document. After subscribing to a document, the...
Paper Waste: Property Inventory

Paper Waste: Property Inventory

With BPMS like Nucleus One, the property inventory process can be an efficient and paperless process. One of the most daunting tasks I’ve had to do is property inventory, which usually comes with a thick stack of paper delivered to my desk on a quarterly basis. The...

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