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What is Document Management?

Simply stated, document management software helps businesses both organize and manage their documents digitally. At its core, any document management product will offer these three functions: tracking, storage, and retrieval of documents with a simple search. Nucleus One manages documents with government-grade security that meets regulated compliance requirements for industries like healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing. That means auditing, logging, and access controls for your documents to keep them secure even when viewing, uploading, and editing those documents from anywhere and from any device.

Benefits of Document Management Software

Every business deals with documents in some capacity. Sometimes that means dealing with physical contracts or invoices. Sometimes it’s electronic data captured on a form or a scanned onboarding document from the most recent new hire. No matter what those documents are, every business faces challenges with capturing, storing, accessing, and securing those documents and data – often forever. So, what are some of the biggest benefits of having a document management system? 

Reduced Physical Storage Space

Better Collaboration / Teamwork

Find Documents / Data Faster

Eliminates Redundant Data Entry

Secured Data with Permissions & Encryption

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Allows Telecommuting / Remote Work

Streamlines Everyday Work

Document Management Software:

Choosing the right software for your documents & data

Successful teams are ones empowered by their software solutions. Since documents are such a huge part of any business, it stands to reason that picking a good document management system (DMS) is critical. But how do you choose the right one and set your teams up for success? Look for some of these key features in your next DMS: 

1. Store / organize / manage

When document management software first hit the market, it was basically a scan-and-archive system. Today, the core features are still the same – helping businesses store, organize, and manage their electronic documents.

While these functions are at the heart of every single document management system, what else is included in a DMS can vary greatly, which often creates a lot of confusion about which product to purchase. Features like workflows and OCR are additional features that help users to accomplish these core DMS goals: store, organize, and manage documents. 

2. Anywhere-Access

Clients and employees have secure access to information and documents no matter what device they use or where they are in the world. Features like automatically generated client portals allow clients to access files, documents, forms, contracts requiring signatures, tasks, and even communicate with agents/staff of a specific business in a simplified and tailored user experience. Real-time interactions between users are a safe and mobile-friendly approach to boost cooperation and improve collaboration with customers and partners.

3. Search / Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Another key feature found in any DMS is the ability to search or retrieve documents and data. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is the technology that enables the ability to full-text search and find scanned documents in a DMS.

OCR automates data extraction from printed or written text from scanned documents or image files to make it searchable within the document management system, which converts the image into a machine-readable form perfect for searching, editing, and data processing. 

4. Security & Compliance Controls

Security in a DMS means more than encryption or decryption of data – it means being able to meet even the most stringent regulatory compliance requirements for HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, or ISO. Almost every software solution on the market offers varying degrees of security for any documents or data that the system touches. For document management systems, these controls allow varying levels of permissions and access to data in that system and also allows administrators to audit the entire system to view actions performed by any user at any time. 

5. Document Workflows & Tasks

Workflow engines in software exist to eliminate chaos in the workplace, streamline simple or redundant tasks, reduce errors, and improve connectivity through automation. Document management systems use workflow engines to collect, store, manage, edit, remove, and categorize documents in an organization. This allows for the intelligent routing for approvals, collaboration, compliance, tracking, payment automation, employee management, marketing and sales management, and so much more. 

6. Document Discussions

Document discussions allow users to work collaboratively on documents and instantly communicate – all in one place. The added benefit, aside from saving time, is that having discussions attached to a particular document in a DMS shows a more complete view of the history of those documents and how they were created, edited, and ultimately managed within the system.

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