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What is Digital Signature Software?

Digital signature software is a modern alternative to physical or ‘wet’ signatures for documents. These electronic signatures are legally binding and hold the same value as traditional wet signatures but with added benefits like enhanced security or compliance, tracking, efficiency, and mobility. Digital signatures are like electronic fingerprints that associate a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. 

Benefits of Digital Signature Software

Successful teams are those empowered by their technology – propelled forward by intelligent features that streamline everyday tasks and speed up time-intensive workflows. One of the most laborious tasks organizations of any industry or size face are ones centered around document signing. Digital signature software solutions help make these processes more accessible, faster, and cheaper than physical signing processes. 

Upgrades Document Security

Speeds up business processes

Increases document accuracy

Provides tracking through workflows

Elevates customer experiences

Minimizes risks

Saves resources & expenses

Close deals quicker for faster payments

Digital Signature Software:

Choosing the right software for your organization

Physical processes are slow and prone to accidents – which is why so many organizations turn to software solutions. Choosing the right software means finding solutions that support staff and company goals, facilitate ingenuity, and streamline mundane operations. Digital signature software empowers teams with robust features that extend beyond the signature itself being stamped on a document – they provide speed and automation that helps teams stay laser-focused on the work that matters most. 

1. Drag-and-drop Designer

Code-free, drag-and-drop builders visually show components as you build – developer free. Create beautiful contracts, home applications, registrations, payments, sales orders, and more. Then, share to easily collect secure, legally binding electronic signatures. 

2. Store/Organize/Manage

Sometimes getting work done faster and easier means more than just sharing a document or collecting an electronic signature. It often means considering what happens after a document is signed, such as how the organization of signed contracts and documents can be archived as a part of a student enrollment packet or how that signed contract can kick off a series of workflows that send class schedules and requirements to the newly enrolled student. 

3. Mobility & Sharing from anywhere

Whether working from home, the office, or in your car, speedy document signatures increase reach by generating and facilitating access regardless of device or location. Teams and clients have secure access to contracts and documents regardless of their device or location. Automatically generated client portals offer a customized and personal user experience that allows clients to access files, documents, and sign contracts, complete or discuss tasks, and even chat live within the system. 

4. Built-in Team Communication

Having everything in one place saves time and helps to provide transparency for all users in the system. When users collaborate and communicate instantaneously with tools like document discussions and user mentions (also known as @mentions), work can be completed faster and with a level of transparency that reinforces teamwork and achieves project and organization goals. 

5. Automate Processes with Workflows

Workflow engines in software exist to reduce errors, eliminate workplace confusion, and promote collaboration by automating fundamental or redundant operations. True magic emerges when procedures are integrated with extra aspects like digital signatures and online forms.

Examples abound since workflow engines are such versatile tools. They can automatically route permission for that new logo your team chose for your company’s rebranding project, send contracts for online board approval so you can get that new background for your community theater, or gather and manage project costs utilizing an online form.

6. Integration with third-party apps

Integration of software combines complex processes and creates a cohesive working environment, which is critical for project success. When those systems are linked, data flows from whatever tools your staff use on a regular basis, allowing for faster and more thorough project completion. The improved visibility that integration provides across the project benefits both stakeholders and project managers.

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