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Why Nucleus One?

At its core, Nucleus One is designed to bring all of your work together into one conveniently accessible place. Whether you’re looking to train or onboard employees, manage policy and procedure rollouts, securely share client files for new-home buyers, or quickly intake data that streamlines company workflows – we believe in software that connects people and technologies to:

Allow Global Telecommuting & Remote Work

Promote Consistency & Regulatory Compliance

Automatically Streamline Everyday Work

Unify Core Business Software & Technology

Facilitate & Strengthen Employee Communication

Enable Document & Data Access From Anywhere

Eliminate Redundant & Inefficient Processes

Intelligently Secure & Sync Company Data

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Guiding Principals

Values and Foundational Beliefs at the core of Nucleus one

Successful teams are ones empowered by the infrastructure and software solutions around them. Which means that organizations seeking to purchase new software solutions often find themselves scouring the internet, sifting through a huge sea of products claiming to increase productivity and save bottom lines. So, how do you choose? What features and criteria matter most to help you choose the right solutions for your business?

At the heart of every good software product are key defining principals that guide good design and development; these guiding principals support our company vision to democratize development, improve the workplace experience, and promote cohesiveness and synchronicity of data across the entire workplace ecosystem. Our values inform how we do our jobs while also helping us make the right decisions for our customers, partners, and collaborators. 

1. Be Open and Integrated

We believe Nucleus One users should be free to choose the products and services they want, including ones that are competitive to those offered by us. That’s why we’ve created our free API that allows third party software solutions to integrate with Nucleus One to help data flow from one system into another.

Whatever tools your teams use in their day-to-day tasks need to be able to ‘talk’ to each other in order to do things like automate mundane or redundant processes and organize your data so it’s right where you need it whenever you need it. When your software is organized and connected, you’ll find your entire organization is too.

2. Be Transparent & Trustworthy

We understand that customers today aren’t just seeking a great product, they’re seeking a higher level of connection. Whether they’re reading reviews, watching videos, consulting Reddit/Quora threads, reading support or stack overflow posts, and even chatting in a Discord channel – customer’s are looking for active and vibrant communities around a product to prove that product’s trustworthiness.

We believe that collaborating with our communities ultimately leads to the best innovations – that means sometimes having vigorous debates, always listening and learning from others, and making sure the best ideas win. Our shared dedication defines and aligns our work and drives us to create the best possible software solutions. 

3. Make work easy

We believe that in order to make work easy for users, systems should be automated whenever possible, data should be synced across the entire organization, and it should be accessible from anywhere. Industries and workspaces are so diverse and require so many niche software products, which is why creating a simple software environment where data flows freely can be a pretty big ask.

We understand that the key to great software isn’t doing everything ourselves, but rather in connecting with the best technologies and software products – regardless of industry or creator. When data is connected and  automatically flows through an organization it makes teams flourish, creativity explode, and work enjoyable.

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