Paper Waste: Paper and Ink Waste

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Our “Paper Waste” series highlights real-life office blunders and how to resolve them, reduce paper waste, and introduce effective and efficient business processes using Nucleus One.

Paper and Ink Waste

As an IT professional, I have witnessed and been guilty of real office blunders. These are workflow habits that are inefficient, wasteful, and out-of-date. With the use of BPM, a lot of these office blunders can be resolved.

I was working IT in a small office years back. My manager called me on my extension, which was really unusual. He sounded frustrated and told me that his printer is “acting crazy”. I asked, very politely I must add, “Sir, what did you do?”. He hung up.

At this office, his printer was actively printing, and adding pages into the already thick stack. The pages were drenched in blue ink. All I could think of was that his printer ink is hard to find and always out of stock.

He had a stack of printed pages in his hand as he walked out of his office and told me to fix it. So I looked into his printer feed showing 20 plus remaining print jobs of the same file. I cancelled them all. The file he was printing is a Powerpoint Presentation with 25-slides, each with a deep blue background.

It’s not hard to know exactly what he did. For every slide he was looking at, he clicked in the “print” icon. On the print menu, which defaulted to print all slides, he clicked on “OK”. This sent the 25-slide powerpoint to the printer 25 times. So when the 1st set was done, the printer did not stop, and started acting crazy.

I caught up with my manager later at the break room. He has marking up the printed powerpoint slides. It was the same stack he walked out of his office with. I recognized them through the blue background. The next day, the same pages were in the recycle bin. He was done with them.

This kind of office waste is common. There are simply electronic files that are not designed to be printed. Powerpoint presentation is an example of such. The option is always there, but there are other print-less options to achieve the same goal of reviewing the file anywhere, and even marking them up.

With Nucleus One, an electronic file like a Powerpoint presentation can be uploaded, and accessed anywhere using a mobile device. This is a great solution to reduce waste, as Nucleus One can effectively archive documents and make them accessible anywhere anytime using the Subscription Feature.

Another great feature is adding comments which is a great method to mark up a document without losing its integrity, as the document will not be altered with each comment added. This is also a great collaboration tool.

Subscribe to Documents

After subscribing to a document, the document will be listed in your “Subscription” Page, and the user will have direct access to the document. Additionally, the user will be notified on any changes or events in the document.

Learn more about subscribing to documents in Nucleus One.

Add Comments

Adding comments is a great way to mark up a document without losing the integrity of the document. The document will not be altered, but comments are saved with the document and added to its history or event.

Learn more about adding comments in Nucleus One.

How about you, what is your favorite paper and ink waste solution?

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