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Creating a new project in Nucleus One is a simple straight forward process. There is no limit to the number of projects that you can create or join. You can utilize projects to divide your Organization within Nucleus One. They allow you to bring multiple departments online while still keeping them separate from each other.

In order to create a project in Nucleus One, you must be the creator of the organization or have the Administrator role for that organization.

1. Click the silhouette in the top right corner to access the user menu.
User Menu Button
Manage Projects

2. Click Manage Projects.

3. Click the plus in the bottom right corner of the Projects page to create a new project.

• To edit an existing project, click the project’s name and skip to Managing Projects below.

Projects Page

4. Choose an organization from the Organization dropdown list.

5. Enter a name for the project in the Project name field.

6. Click ADD.

Add Project

Managing Projects

Editing Project Names

Rename Project

1. Click the project name at the top of the screen to rename the project.

2. Type the new project name in the field and click GO.

Edit Project Name

Inviting New Members

1. Enter an email address in the field.

2. Click INVITE to invite new collaborators to the project.

Invite Collaborators

• Filter the list of existing collaborators by using the “Name starts with” or “Email starts with” fields.

Project Members Name Filter
Project Members Email Filter

Removing Members

1. Click the checkbox next to a collaborator’s email address.

2. Click the Trash can above the list of collaborators.

Collaborator Delete

3. Click CONFIRM to complete the deletion.

Member Delete Confirmation

Deleting a Project

1. Select an existing project from the Manage Projects page.

2. Click the settings button, the vertical ellipses at the top of the form.

Project Settings
Delete Project

3. Click Delete project.

4. Type the name of the project in the field and click DELETE to confirm deletion.

Project Delete Confirmation

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