Downloading Documents in Nucleus One

by Jan 21, 2021Document Functions, Document Management

Documents in Nucleus One can be downloaded in many different ways; while previewing a document via the ellipsis icon, viewing from a list of documents or a card view are some of the main ways to accomplish this goal which we’ll cover today. 

STEPS to download single document

Navigate to a single document or multiple documents in Nucleus One in the Search Results, Folder, Inbox, or other document pages in Nucleus One.

Click to preview a document. A new tab will appear to show the preview of the document. While previewing the document, click the ellipsis icon, found at the top right portion of the page. In the dropdown menu, click “Download original”.

Download Documents
Download Original

STEPS to download single OR MULTIPLE documentS

Optionally, while the document is showing in List View or Card View, click to CHECK a single document or multiple documents to download. 

From the Slide Menu, select “Download”.

Check Multiple Documents

Download Process

During the Download Process, a “Save As” pop-up will appear.

Optionally, navigate to the folder to download the document and enter a new filename.

Click “Save”.

A new “Save As” pop-up window will appear for each document downloaded.

Download Process, Save As Menu

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