After subscribing to a document, the document will be listed in your “Subscription” Page, and the user will have direct access to the document. Additionally, the user will be notified on any changes or events in the document.

Navigate to a document in Nucleus One from the “Folder” or “Search” Page.

While previewing the document, click the “Document Actions” (Ellipsis) icon.

Document Action Icon
From the Document Actions menu, click to select “Subscribe to Changes”.

A prompt “Subscribed” will appear.

Document Action Icon, Subscribe
Subscribed Documents will appear on the “Subscriptions” Page.

From the menu panel, click to select “Subscriptions”.

Menu, Subscriptions
The “Subscriptions” page will appear.

This page will show the users subscribed documents.

Subscriptions Page
To unsubscribe, or remove the document from the “Subscriptions” Page, click to CHECK the document.

From the Document Actions Panel, click to select “Unsubscribe”.

Document Action Drawer, Unsubscribe
Optionally, while previewing a subscribed document, click the “Document Actions” (Ellipsis) icon.

From the Document Actions Menu, click to select “Unsubscribe”.

Document Icon, Unsubscribe

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