Basic Document Events in Nucleus One

by Feb 11, 2021Document History, Document Management

Document events are created when user or workflow actions manipulate a document in Nucleus One. This guide will display what the different basic event types mean when reviewing the event history of a document. This article also contains examples of how these event types are displayed.

General Events

The “Revision” Event Type denotes that the document has been created or updated in a way that altered the existing document’s contents.

Sig Received
The “Classification” Event Type denotes that the existing classification for the document has been assigned to that document or the classification has been updated on the document. The “Detail” section displays which classification has been assigned to the document, in this case the “test” classification.
Classification event type
The “Comment” Event Type is recorded when a new comment is added to a document from the comments area. The “Detail” portion of the event type displays the content of the comment. In this case the comment is the term “test”.
Comment Event type

Field Events

A “Fields” Event Type states that a field has been edited or updated by a user. The “Detail” portion of that event type displays which field has been updated and with what value. In this case, the field value for the “Test Field 1” field has been updated to the term “This is a test”.

Fields Event Type
A “Fields” Event Type may also contain multiple field updates that took place at the same time. The “Detail” portion of the event type displays each field’s name and displays the new values for each field.
Multifield Event Type


The “Recycle-bin action” Event Type is exclusive to sending a document to the recycle bin or restoring a document from the recycle bin area. The action performed is located in the “Detail” portion of the event.

Recycle bin Restored From event type
Recycle bin Sent to Event type

Signature Events

The “Signature event” Event Type occurs when the document has been sent to an email address in order to be signed. If the document has been sent for signature, the corresponding detail will display whose signature is pending on that document.

Signature Event Type
When a document has been signed and completed, there will be another “Signature event” Event Type. The “Detail” is a confirmation that a signature has been received
Sig Gathering Complete

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