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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our business collaboration platform and how it could help your organization? Check out some of our more frequently asked questions below.

What is Nucleus One?

Nucleus One is a business collaboration platform - bringing many different business software solutions together to streamline an organization's processes, documents, projects, and structure in a collaboration-anywhere environment.

It includes features for:

  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Communication & Collaboration
  • Business Process & Workflow Management
  • Electronic Document & Contract Signing
  • Form Creation & Sharing
  • Visual Workspaces, Diagram Builders, & Whiteboards
  • Automatic Free Client Portals
  • Endless 3rd Party Integrations

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes. We know just how hard it is to procure good software when you're running a non-profit. If you're interested in using Nucleus One for your non-profit, please contact us for at-cost pricing. 

How do client portals work?

You can share documents and folders in your projects with users outside your project and outside of your organization. When you do this, those users are automatically invited to view those shared items in a special view we call a 'client portal'. 

When that user logs in, they only see what's been shared with them, which is sort of like a slimmed-down version of the Nucleus One interface. Other software systems might call these types of users 'view-only' or 'read-only' users. However, in Nucleus One, they are a full user of the Nucleus One system, but they only have access to view your organization or project with the information shared directly to them in a special portal experience. 

What makes Nucleus One Different?

Successful teams and businesses are those that are empowered by their infrastructure and software solutions.

At the heart of Nucleus One and our company as a whole are key guiding principals that support our company vision to democratize development, improve the workplace experience, and promote cohesiveness and synchronicity of data across the entire workplace ecosystem by being open and integrated, transparent and trustworthy, and by making work easy.

You can read more about our guiding principals here.  

How long is my trial?

When you log into Nucleus One for the first time, your free account is automatically created. It's not a trial and it does not expire. Your first two users are completely free, and if you need more users just add them inside Nucleus One for easy subscription billing. See our pricing section for more info. 

Where do I find the API/SDK?

Visit the Nucleus One GitHub repository HERE to download our API/SDK, view documentation, example and open source projects. 

What are the benefits of A Business Collaboration Platform?

Here are just a few, but the benefits extend way beyond these. For more info, try searching for a topic, solution, or department above:

  • One platform to manage teams, projects, docs, and more
  • Creates a single cohesive workspace
  • Reduces risks and data redundancy
  • Gives better control of everyday operations
  • Improves internal collaboration
  • Agility in and out of the office
  • Increases productivity and business performance

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