Form Builder Software

Drag-and-Drop Form Creation

Visually create online forms to collect information, then intelligently route data, generate documents and reports, accept payments, and propel office workflows.

What is Form Builder Software?

Form building software is an application for creating and managing forms. It aids in the creation of aesthetically appealing forms that may assist businesses in collecting vital information that can then be used in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re collecting information about visitors and turning them into leads in order to nurture them into customers, taking form data to automatically generate documents that are then intelligently routed for approvals across departments, or automatically feeding data into third-party workplace systems – online form builders provide drag-and-drop creation capability so that users may quickly develop interactive forms, and then hosts those forms to collect submissions for users to make data-driven decisions. 

Benefits of Form Builder Software

A visual form builder makes delivering professional surveys and forms, evaluating results, and automatically sending summaries simple. Form creation and forms management software enables teams of any size or kind to develop web forms attractively, properly organize data, and conduct automated tasks. It helps teams achieve better outcomes and accomplish goals by standardizing and simplifying processes, eliminating unnecessary work, increasing team member accountability, reducing the need for micromanagement, and improving communication between teams and departments. Managing forms using software enhances corporate processes, saves time and money, and eliminates unnecessary or error-prone operations and activities.

Automates data collection

Optimizes decision-making processes

Increases lead generation & revenue

Accelerates marketing & sales activities

Creates better customer experiences

Reduces errors & redundant data entry

Elevates customer experience

Lowers labor costs & manual work

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Form Building Software:

Choosing the right software for your organization

Choosing the right software means finding solutions that support staff and company goals, facilitate ingenuity, and streamline mundane operations. In order for form building software solutions, whether stand-alone products or as a feature of another software system, to support these goals should include a robust feature set that simplifies busy work and promotes teamwork. 

1. Drag-and-drop Designer

Code-free, drag-and-drop builders visually show forms components as you build developer free. Create beautiful online forms, customer surveys, contact forms, job applications, registrations, payment and sales order forms, and more. Add standard fields like name, email, phone, date, text inputs, even signature blocks and custom fields, or select a starting template for faster form creation. 

2. Response Collection & Document Creation

Creating forms is only part of the equation. Collecting and organizing those responses is another crucial component. Responses can then be used to generate a PDF that can be archived as a part of a student enrollment packet, kickoff a series of inter-department workflows for the next policy document update, or input data into a third-party accounting system to complete a transaction. 

3. Publish & Share anywhere

Clients and employees have safe access to information and documents regardless of their device or location. Published forms are hosted online to easily capture data, organize events, recruit volunteers, generate leads, and manage donations, payments, and insurance claims. Then, track feedback and data securely and create seamless workflows to review, sign, and approve from anywhere in the world on any device. Real-time user interactions are a secure and mobile-friendly solution to improve customer and team cooperation and collaboration. 

4. Digital Signatures

Collect digital signatures on forms from any device. Sales contracts, consent forms, online petitions, service agreements, offer letters, and invoices are just some examples of common forms that often require digital signatures. Digital signatures are simple, secure, and mobile friendly and provide authenticity to data collected in forms. 

5. Automate Processes & Workflows

Workflow engines in software exist to decrease mistakes, remove confusion in the workplace, and increase connection by automating basic or duplicate processes. When processes are combined with additional elements such as digital signatures and online forms, true magic happens.

Because workflow engines are such adaptable tools, there are practically unlimited examples. They can intelligently route approval for that new logo your team selected for your company’s rebranding project, transmit contracts for online board approval so you can acquire that new background for your community theater, or collect and process project expenditures using an online form.

6. Integration with third-party apps

Software integration connects complicated processes and produces a harmonious working environment, which is essential for project success. Whatever tools your employees use on a regular basis, data flows when those systems are linked, allowing for faster and more complete project completion. Stakeholders and project managers alike benefit from the increased visibility that integration gives across the project.

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