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by Feb 9, 2021Collaboration, Signatures

Signing a document for Nucleus One is as simple as a few clicks. Whether or not you’re a Nucleus One user, applying your signature to a document from Nucleus One is simple and quick.

If you are not a Nucleus One user and received an email request to sign a document, you may click the Sign Now link to be taken to the Review and Sign page. Please jump to the Review and Sign section of this article.

Email Signature Request

If you are a Nucleus One user, you can see documents awaiting your signature using the Need Signature widget on your dashboard or the Signatures section from the menu.

Signatures Widget
Signatures Menu

Review and Sign

Click the document to go to the Review and Sign page. Here, you see a magnified preview of the document so you can review its contents.

Review and Sign

Click the SIGN NOW button when you are done reviewing to be taken to the signature page.

Click SIGNATURE to apply your signature and the current date will automatically be applied.

Sign Now Signature Page
Signature Page with Signature

Depending on the document, there may be additional boxes required to be filled in including but not limited to name and email address. Click any additional boxes to fill them in.

If multiple signatures are required, you will be taken to the next signature location. Once you’ve applied all your necessary signatures and information, a submit popup will appear.
Signature Submit Popup

Signature Collection Complete

Once all parties have signed the document, you will receive an email notification with the signed document attached.

Signature Complete Email

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