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A document’s event history displays any changes a document went through since it was captured. Checking the history of a document can help discern if certain events have occurred as intended to the document. This guide will display how to check the history of a document for different events, describing each column present within “Document Events”.

Navigating To Documents

To view events for a particular document, you must first access the document. Navigate to the Nucleus One Menu and select either “Inbox”, “Folders”, or “Search” for your document.

Navigate to document location
Select the three vertical dots on the document preview screen to bring up the document options list.
Locate 3 vertical dots
Select the “Document events” option on the document options list. The events pertaining to the current document will appear.
View Document Events list
The document events page will display all of the past changes a document has undergone since it was captured into the system. The “Created On” column can be sorted using the arrow to order by least recent or most recent events.
The “Event Type” column outlines the category of events that occurred. In this example, the category of event was a documents classification change.
Event Type
The “Detail” column outlines exactly what occurred to the document at the time when the event took place. In this example, the event type states that a classification was added to this particular document.
The “User” column outlines which user updated the document at the time the event was recorded.

Nucelus One v1.03

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