Paper Waste: Property Inventory

by Mar 26, 2021Blog, Industry

With BPMS like Nucleus One, the property inventory process can be an efficient and paperless process.

One of the most daunting tasks I’ve had to do is property inventory, which usually comes with a thick stack of paper delivered to my desk on a quarterly basis. The stack is an evolving list of valued properties, that are in five different locations. There will be additional paperwork if the property has been relocated, retired, the user changed, or for other discrepancies. This is a tedious task with an unnecessary paper trail, especially when the only comment that matters is change of user or location.

There are many varying applications out there that cater to tracking valued belongings. They may have a variety of features but most of these features only cater to tracking purposes and are not customizable


With BPMS like Nucleus One, the property inventory process can be an efficient and paperless process. The photo file of the property itself can be the starting document.

The level of thoroughness is customizable based on your needs. Property details like equipment type, brand, model, user, and location can be organized efficiently. On the spot updates regarding the property are simple using built-in comments. The update or comments are recorded on the exact date and time.

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