How can BPMS reduce business costs

by Apr 5, 2021Blog, Business Processes, Project Management, Solutions

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Cost efficiency and reducing costs are benefits sought after by all companies, large and small alike. BPMS offers many different avenues for businesses to lower their costs through reducing man hours towards tasks, combining multiple single use applications into one central system, improving office space and paper consumption while improving departmental productivity and optimizing workflow.

Cost efficiency is a benefit sought after by all companies, large and small alike. BPMS offers many different avenues for businesses to lower their costs through reducing man hours towards tasks, combining multiple single use applications into one central system, increasing office space, providing security, and reducing paper consumption while improving productivity and optimizing workflow.
When a new business project is underway one of the primary concerns that arises is the amount of time and resources required to complete it. With BPMS project updates, helpful information and progression can be tracked and addressed to all parties required ensuring consistent communication and less time wasted through meetings and calls that can be handled with a simple update. Along with comments, there is also the option to subscribe to documents. Document subscriptions allow users to track and receive notifications for documents that the user has subscribed to. Notifications regarding document subscriptions inform the user of updates and comments left on the document by other users. Typically, mid level managers spend 35% of their time in meetings. BPMS can cut that down to a fraction of the time with these easy to use communication tools.
Man hours are spent in many different ways, and one method that is often overlooked is through employee training. It is said that it takes between 1 to 2 weeks to train a user on a single new application. If we scale these numbers to account for total man hours in a department for a department of 50 users, that would be about one year worth of man hours spent learning a single new application or software that may or may not be used after a specific project is completed. BPMS consolidates many advantages of most one off applications into its features so users only need one round of training in a single, easy to use interface for BPMS, saving countless man hours that may be spent bouncing around learning to use many different applications at once. 
Paper consumption and office space for document filing can also be cumbersome and expensive for businesses to manage. There are only so many documents that may be retained physically without having to expand to meet storage requirements. Also, each time a file needs to be found for reference or auditing purposes it may take hours to find the correct assortment of files to present. BPMS provides intuitive search utilities to quickly and efficiently find sets of documents through full text search and/or database searching. BPMS server storage capabilities also remove the concern of maintaining physical space while also reducing overhead. Cloud solutions also exist for storage purposes where the physical space for a server is completely removed. 
Finally, security is always a top priority regarding files and personal data storage. File cabinets, physical locks, and user passwords on locally stored files can be cracked by malicious entities. Storing files on the cloud where a professional service provider handles security measures and protocol updates performed regularly will put your mind at ease at no extra cost.
BPMS provides many advantages when considering reducing overhead for your company. Direct reductions in cost along with a number of peripheral reductions in time management, organization, security, and training can increase savings when considering a shift from paper filing and traditional management of files, users, and associated systems.

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