Nucleus One keeps track of the document revisions and changes of the document in the Document Events Page. The Document Events page will show the details of the document’s history, which includes the date and time, the type of event, details of the event and the user that triggered the event.

Steps to Preview Document Events

Navigate to a document in Nucleus One from the Library, Search, or other Document Pages.

While previewing a document in Nucleus One, click the Document Menu Icon, found at the top right portion of the screen. A Pop-up Menu will appear.

Document Menu Icon

From the Pop-up Menu, click to select “Document events”.

Select Document Events

A Pop-up Page will appear. This page contains the details of the Document events.

The Document Events can be sorted by Create Date and Time.

Document Events Window

Event Types

The different Event Types are as follows, depending on the actions that were taken on the document. 


Revision – Creation


Approval Action

Signature Action

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