BPMS assists in company collaboration across departments

by Mar 2, 2021Blog, Business Processes, Collaboration, Project Management, Solutions

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Business Process Management Software (BPMS) contains many methods of collaboration within a single application that provides a seamless user experience which benefits interdepartmental organization, task handling, and productivity.

Collaboration in a professional environment is mandatory for the short and long term success of any business. Providing an easily accessible area for tasks to be completed efficiently and easily across multiple departments is essential. Many applications allow for team members to interact with one another; however, these interactions are often limited, span across different applications, and use different communication methods in order to achieve a cohesive experience. Business Process Management Software (BPMS) provides these solutions within a single application for a seamless user experience which benefits interdepartmental organization, task handling, and productivity.
The most common methods of communication (emails, meetings, phone calls and chat systems) are used to spread information across departments and can be reduced, eliminated, or streamlined using features found in BPMS. These features include document-focused comment systems, where users can specify message recipients directly to relay important information quickly and effectively.

Subscriptions to documents that automatically update users regarding changes or updates to documents. Approval and workflow systems that allow for interdepartmental review and adjustments made to documents sequentially, passing documents between departments autonomously. The methods of communication mentioned above are either integrated directly into BPMS or can be configured in a few quick steps. 

Coordination between team members and departments is another hurdle that many companies face on a daily basis. Coordination meetings, periodic project updates and technological hurdles between employees can cost many man hours over the course of a project’s lifetime and are often prone to rescheduling. The ability for team members to be grouped, assigned, and directed based on an objective or task is simplified in BPMS while providing the same benefits.

Configuring and adjusting a system for projects in BPMS is a time effective process where employees can be distributed invitations to their designated project. Projects contain only the necessary configurations created by BPMS administrator(s) that are needed by the employee to perform their job effectively. Adding an employee’s account to a second project is as simple as sending a new invitation email and having the user accept the invitation to the project. Once assigned to a new project, the user can freely receive document or project updates, benefit from automation within the project, and have members within the project be notified of these changes without the hassle of team members needing to be present in a meeting or call while adjustments are made.
Lastly, BPMS offers the ability to assign permissions to users. Permissions allow administrators to further define what users are able to update and change in a BPMS system. This allows for a more granular assignment of employee tasks and ensures that only employees assigned to a particular role or assignment are manipulating the appropriate documents.

Traditional coordination measures and communication methods are both time consuming and inefficient. BPMS empowers employees and managers alike with the ability to communicate and interface with all team members in the most effective and user friendly ways to complete projects while providing more time for departments, employees, and managers to dedicate man hours where they matter most.

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