6 ways digital signatures improve your real estate firm

by Jun 3, 2022Blog, Contracts & Signatures, Real Estate, Solutions

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The real estate industry is one that is constantly changing. As technology and communication become increasingly more accessible, the way in which people buy and sell homes shifts as well. In today’s digital world, signing documents electronically has become commonplace for individuals, businesses, and organizations. The use of digital signatures in real estate transactions streamlines the process by avoiding the need to print, sign and then scan documents back again. Instead, buyers and sellers can digitally sign documents using several methods depending on their individual needs. Digital signatures are also an important security measure protecting both parties from fraud or cyberattacks. Here are five ways digital signatures improve your real estate firm:

6 ways e-signing improves your real estate firm

1. Sign more deals.

Transactional documents make up a large portion of your business. From purchase agreements to leases to subleases, digital signatures can help you sign these documents faster, cheaper, and more securely. This means that you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of the transaction. And with digital signature technology, you can sign contracts from anywhere, including on your phone or tablet.

2. Build trust with clients.

Digital signatures are more secure than paper ones. You know you’re always making sure that your client signs at the bottom of a document, but sometimes they just scribble their name? Then, later on, when you need to prove that they did sign it and not some other person who looks exactly like them, you can’t because their sloppy handwriting is impossible to read? Digital signatures eliminate this issue by providing a way for you to verify both parties’ authenticity and signatures with just one click.

3. Save money on printing, paper, and delivery costs.

There’s more to saving money than just the price of a printer. Digital signatures can help you save on other costs of doing business, too:
  • Paper waste: With digital signatures, you’ll no longer have to print paper copies of contracts and documents for clients. This reduces the cost of printing and paper while also reducing your firm’s carbon footprint.
  • Printing costs: When working with third-party vendors or notary services, you may have had to pay for every printed document executed during an escrow closing. With digital signatures as part of your workflow process, this expense can be eliminated or reduced significantly, saving time and money.
  • Delivery costs: Whenever someone travels across state lines or even just down the street to deliver documents like titles, they incur travel expenses that add up quickly when multiplied by multiple trips per day over several months. Digital signatures are stored in cloud storage systems. So, there are no extra delivery costs associated with them.
  • 4. Boost productivity in your office.

    Digital signatures can reduce the amount of time it takes to process documents, sign them and deliver them. In most cases, you’ll need a digital signature application that allows you to receive and send PDFs. Some applications allow you to upload your documents and then digitally sign them before sending them out via email or fax. You can also use these applications to accept payments from clients who prefer not to use checks or credit cards.

    5. Open your business up to new markets.

    Digital signatures are also a great way to reach new markets. You may have noticed that the real estate industry has undergone some changes in recent years, as more people do their shopping online. Digital signing allows your firm to open up your services to these shoppers and make their home-buying experience easier and more convenient. This can be especially beneficial if you’re selling homes in areas where most of your clients are looking at houses from out-of-state or even internationally.

    For example, imagine that an international couple comes across one of your listings while browsing through homes on the Internet. Instead of having to wait until they return home to connect with you face-to-face or have them contact someone else in person, they can simply sign the documents digitally over email or fax machine before making an offer on the property! This could lead not only to increase profits but also boost brand awareness among potential clients who hadn’t heard about your company before now or didn’t know what kind of services it provides.

    6. Digital signatures make real estate firms run more efficiently.

    Digital signatures make it easier for you to conduct business with clients. They’re faster than traditional paper-based transactions, reducing the amount of time your firm spends on administrative tasks and allowing you to spend more time on client matters. They also eliminate the need for multiple people to sign documents, which saves both you and your clients’ money in transaction fees, postage costs, and other expenses associated with physical signatures.

    Digital signatures are more secure than paper signatures because no one can alter them once they’re sent electronically; this helps prevent fraud or identity theft by preventing criminals from tampering with contracts after they’ve been signed. In addition, since digital signatures are stored on computers instead of physical documents that could be lost or destroyed at any point in time, there’s less chance your company will lose important data like agreements or contracts if these items get damaged during storage somewhere else within an office building where another tenant might run into trouble due to their negligence towards their own belongings–which could lead into further legal proceedings down the road when trying to recover lost files later down the line.


    After reading this article, we hope that you better understand what digital signatures are and how they can benefit your business. There are many options for firms looking to get started with electronic signatures. However, it’s essential to find the right provider who has experience dealing with real estate transactions like yours so that everything goes smoothly. With the right provider, you can be sure that your firm will be compliant with all laws and regulations while also making it easier for everyone involved in the transaction process.

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