Why Business Process is critical to your organization

by May 16, 2022Blog, Business Processes, Solutions

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Every company strives to attain the greatest amount of accomplishment possible. This applies whether you’re a solo proprietor of a dog walking company, a small enterprise, an SME, or the CEO of a large manufacturing firm with numerous board members. Every firm must follow a set of procedures known as a business procedure to achieve this goal. In this short post, we will examine the business process in more detail. You will find out about the wide variety of processes, what makes them significant, and why the business process is so critical to the company’s success. We will also provide you with some process examples so that you may better understand how they operate.

What is the definition of a business process?

A business process is the collection of related, structured activities that together accomplish a business objective. For example, a sales process might be finding a customer, understanding their needs and wants, research products or services to match those needs and wants, make a sale, and then delivering on that sale. Business processes are often referred to as “workflow” because they describe how work gets done in an organization. They can be either manual or automated and can vary in complexity from simple linear sequences of steps to highly complex logic flows with multiple decision points.

The importance of business process

When businesses embark on new initiatives, they often focus on the technology and processes needed to support that particular project. But what many organizations fail to recognize is that the way we conduct business today will directly impact our ability to succeed with new projects tomorrow. If you think about it, an organization’s processes are like building blocks that determine how things get done from day to day. If you want your company to scale efficiently or implement any new initiative, it all hinges on how you operate as a business at this very moment. Below are the importance of business processes and why they matter in the success of your company moving forward.

What is business process management?

Business process management refers to the practices and technologies that help organizations manage their recurring or standard activities.

Business processes can be divided into three categories:

  • Internal processes. These are activities performed within an organization to provide goods or services for its customers. For example, a bank’s internal processes include banking transactions and customer service.
  • External processes. External processes take place between two or more organizations as part of a commercial transaction. For example, a manufacturer’s external processes may include receiving goods from suppliers and shipping finished products to retailers.
  • Inter-organizational processes. Inter-organizational processes occur between two companies in order to exchange goods or services. For example, when one company outsources some of its operations to another company, this is an inter-organizational process because it involves more than one company.
  • Increased efficiency.

    BPM can help your organization become more efficient in the following ways:

    • Technology can automate processes. BPM software allows you to create automated workflows for certain tasks, which means that you no longer need employees to perform repetitive or time-consuming activities. Automation also helps reduce human error and improves productivity by eliminating bottlenecks, allowing your team members to focus on what they do best. Just think about how much time you might spend reading email every day vs. doing something else that would be more productive for your organization!
    • Technology makes communication easier and faster between teams who work remotely or across different departments (like sales and marketing). This is especially true for geographically distributed people, as it helps them stay connected with each other even when they’re not in the same location at any given moment.


    A business process management solution can help you save time, money, and resources. Here are just a few examples:

  • Automated tasks can be completed in far less time than manually-conducted ones. For example, if you have an online store and are currently updating the prices of your products manually each day, it would take hours to do so. A BPM tool could easily update all of those products at once instead.
  • With an automated system in place, employees don’t need to waste time looking for information or documents when they need them—any information they need is simply there at their fingertips! In some cases, this can save workers as much as 90% of their day’s work time compared to working with paper records only; imagine how much more productive everyone could be if they weren’t spending so much time searching through piles of paper files!
  • Cost-savings.

    Business process management is a cost-saving exercise. The primary benefit that BPM provides to an organization is that it helps in reducing costs. By automating manual processes and minimizing resource-intense ones, you can reduce costs by cutting down on errors, minimizing employee time, and reducing energy use.

    Improved customer experience.

    With BPM, you can improve your customer experience in the following ways:

  • Better service. When processes are optimized, it’s easier for your employees to provide quality service. For example, if an employee is consistently unable to complete a task due to too many steps or an inefficiently designed process, this leads to more frustration and lower productivity. But if that employee has access to a process management system that allows them to quickly identify their workflow bottlenecks and make improvements on the fly, they will be able to give customers better service while also increasing work satisfaction among their colleagues.
  • Customer satisfaction is key. A satisfied customer will have greater loyalty toward your brand than one who’s not happy with what you offer them—so it makes sense for businesses of all sizes to try improving their customer experiences as much as possible through BPM techniques like those above!
  • Decreased risk.

    BPM helps you to identify and eliminate risky processes. The risk of errors, fraud, and litigation can be reduced by implementing BPM. By increasing your ability to interpret data in real-time, you can determine the best course of action with minimal negative impact. This means that you’re better prepared for audits because there will be less room for error in your reporting processes.

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