Signatures are used for a number of reasons ranging from certifying that information is correct, to acknowledging something has been reviewed. The signing of a document can be used internally or externally. Setting up a signature in a workflow process or through a form is easy and a widget can keep track of what is still outstanding.

Document Signatures

In order to create a signature for a document, the document must be assigned a classification. If a document is sitting in the Inbox, a signature cannot be set up. Once the document has been classified, locate the file either by searching or through the folders. Click on the vertical ellipsis to open the document options.

Document Option

Selecting signatures will prompt you to add the signers and recipients of the document. At least one signer is required. Multiple signers and recipients can be added. The email address, name, and type (signer or recipient) is required for each member of the signature process.

Signature Workflow

After deciding on who will be part of the signature process, you can drag each member to decide the order.

The next stage will give you two options to choose from for the type of signature form design: Quick Design or Form Design.

Signature Form Options

Quick Design

Quick Design allows you to simply add the signature options and send without having to do any additional set up. This will create another page at the end of the document and for the signatures to be added. The date will be automatically added for each signature.

Quick Signature Options

The signature options include:

  • Initials
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Title
  • User Access Code
  • Customize subject/body

Toggle on to enable each desired option. If the access code is selected, make sure to enter a custom code and send to the members of the signature in a separate message such as email.

Completed Quick Setup

Click on the Finish and Send button once all selections have been made and any custom message has been added.

Multiple signatures will be sent one at a time as a workflow process to each member in the order they were assigned as they are completed.

Form Design

Using Form Design allows you to customize the signature locations. This is for documents like contracts or agreements that may have designated locations for signatures within the document and the signature cannot just exist on an additional last page.

The signature designer page will provide a tutorial on how to add each signature field option. The signature options allow you to save as a new template, select from an existing template, or select recently used forms.

Form Options

Select the form field option and drag it onto the document to set up the signature form template. Then, drag it to the designated location for that signature.

The signature options give the ability to assign each form field for each member. Select the signer to begin.

Form Field Options:

  • Signature
  • Initial
  • Date
  • Name
  • Title
  • Email

Each option can be used multiple times for each member.

Form Signature Options

Each signer will be assigned a color to easily identify the form field for each member.

Multiple Signature Setup

To add form fields on different pages of a multipage document, use the page navigation arrows or use the Go to page option to navigate to each page of the document.

Form Pages

To complete the signature form designer template, hit next to either use an access code, customize the message, or just finish and send. This will be sent to all members for signature.

Completing Signatures

Now that the signatures have been sent, making sure signatures are completed can be viewed in a number of ways. The dashboard widget, the signature queue, or viewing the document signature option makes it easy to address any incomplete signatures.

Dashboard Widgets

There are two dashboard widgets available: what is waiting on your signature and what signatures you are waiting on.

Signature Widgets

This gives you a quick view without navigating off of the dashboard.

Signature Queue

If you are using other areas of Nucleus One and you need to check signatures, select the Signatures in the main navigation menu.

Nav Menu

Document Signature Option

Checking a signature status in the document options gives complete details on the signature progress including who has completed the signature and who is still outstanding.

Signature Progress

These options allow for any follow up actions that may need to be taken.

Completed Signatures

The document will display a completed signature banner once the signatures have been completed.

Signature Widgets

This will indicate to other users that the document has been signed. In addition to the banner, the document options will no longer display the signature option to prevent additional attempts to sign the document.

Completed Signature Doc Options

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