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Searches allow you to locate documents based on classifications, field values, and/or values that exist on the document via “Content Search” criteria. This guide will display and explain each type of search criteria and option present within the search area of Nucleus One.

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Navigate to the search area of Nucleus One by selecting the search option in the main menu, located in the upper left.

Selecting Search Parameters

Select classifications by clicking the checkbox associated with the classification to begin setting search parameters.

Fields that are configured within the selected catalog(s) will be displayed once your selection has been made. If multiple catalogs are selected, only fields that pertain to all selected catalogs will be displayed.

Selected classifications, field values, and content search criteria may be changed at any time to return a new set of results.

Options for Starts with 1

Index fields can be configured in two ways through the “Search Type” option.

Click the arrow associated with the “Search Type” parameter to display the available selections.

“Starts with” matches your search criteria to the beginning of a field value starting from the left most character.

“Does not start with” will return results that match your criteria so long as the field value contains your field search term.

Options for Starts with 2.

Content Search searches the text of a document including the name of the document.

Place terms or phrases into the “Content search” search area as a single search criteria or in conjunction with Classifications and indexes to further refine your search.

Content Search


To reset all criteria currently configured for a search, select the “RESET” option at the bottom of the search area.

Next to the “RESET” option is the option to save a configured search as a dashboard widget.

Click the “Create dashboard widget” icon to automatically create a dashboard widget that retains your search criteria.

Reset and widget button

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