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Connect and Collaborate

  • 5 Projects
  • 5 Workflows
  • 50 Added Content /mo

    Uploaded documents count towards your Added Content.
    Form submissions, no matter their size, only count as 1 page.

  • 5GB Storage
  • Community Support
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Boost Your Productivity

  • 10 Projects
  • 10 Workflows
  • 1,000 Added Content /mo

    Uploaded documents count towards your Added Content.
    Form submissions, no matter their size, only count as 1 page.

  • 100GB Storage
  • Community Support
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Optimize for Success

  • 25 Projects
  • 25 Workflows
  • 2,500 Added Content /mo

    Uploaded documents count towards your Added Content.
    Form submissions, no matter their size, only count as 1 page.

  • 250GB Storage
  • Premium Support
/ mo
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Empower Your Organization's Growth

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited Added Content

    Uploaded documents count towards your Added Content.
    Form submissions, no matter their size, only count as 1 page.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium Support
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Projects & Departments

Automated Workflows

Intelligent Approvals

Unlimited API Integrations

Digital Signatures

Client Access Portals

Visual Form Building


Document Collaboration

Stay On track with tasks


Task, Doc, & Project Chat

Process Builder

Whiteboard & Mind Maps

Subscribe to Tasks/Docs

Quick & Detailed Views

Privacy & Sharing

Smart Notifications

Passwordless Authentication

Cross Project Workspace

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Our Support Plan

Minimize technical and strategic obstacles with the Nucleus One Support Plan. From straightforward technical support to proactive guidance, overcome technical hurdles and get your implementation off the ground fast.

Why Nucleus One?

Nucleus One’s fundamental goal is to consolidate all of your work into a single, easily accessible location. We believe software solutions should connect people and technology in order to make teams successful and businesses thrive by empowering businesses and teams with software that:

Allows Global Telecommuting / Remote Work

Promotes Consistency & Regulatory Compliance

Automates & Streamlines Everyday Work

Integrates & Unifies Software Solutions

Strengthens Employee Communication

Enables Document & Data Anywhere Access

Eliminates Inefficient Processes

Intelligently Secures & Syncs Company Data

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Our Guiding Principals

Values and Foundational Beliefs at the core of Nucleus one

The infrastructure and software solutions that surround them empower successful teams. As a result, companies looking for new software solutions frequently find themselves combing the internet, sifting through a vast sea of items claiming to boost productivity and save costs. So, how do you make your decision? What features and criteria are most important to you when it comes to selecting the best solutions for your company?

Key defining principals that guide good design and development are at the heart of every good software product; these guiding principals support our company vision to democratize development, improve the workplace experience, and promote data cohesion and synchronicity across the entire workplace ecosystem. Our values guide our work and assist us in making the best decisions for our customers, partners, and collaborators.

1. Be Open and Integrated

Nucleus One users, we believe, should have the freedom to choose the products and services they want, including those that are competitive with ours. That’s why we built our open API, which allows third-party software to interact with Nucleus One and let data flow from one system to another.

Whatever tools your employees use in their daily work must be able to communicate with one another in order to automate mundane or redundant procedures and arrange data so it’s right where you need it when you need it. When your software is organized and integrated, your entire company will be as well.

2. Be Transparent & Trustworthy

We recognize that today’s customers are looking for more than simply a fantastic product; they’re looking for a deeper degree of connection. Customers are searching for active and lively communities surrounding a product to establish that product’s credibility, whether they’re reading reviews, watching videos, consulting Reddit/Quora threads, reading support or stack overflow postings, or even conversing in a Discord channel.

We think that engaging with our communities results in the best inventions, which involves having spirited debates from time to time, always listening and learning from others, and ensuring that the best ideas win. Our shared commitment defines and aligns our work, propelling us to develop the greatest software solutions imaginable.

3. Make work easy

We believe that in order to make users’ jobs easier, processes should be automated whenever possible, data should be synchronized across the business, and data should be accessible from anywhere. Because industries and workplaces are so different and necessitate so many specialized software products, building a simple software environment in which data flows easily might be a tall order.

We recognize that the secret to outstanding software is connecting with the best technology and software solutions available, regardless of industry or developer. When data is integrated and flows effortlessly throughout a business, teams thrive, creativity soars, and work becomes pleasant.

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Document Management

Securely store and access docs.

Visual Forms Builder

Visually build and share forms.

Project Management

Achieve goals & milestones.

Digital Signatures

Send and sign any document.

Workflow Engine

Automate any processes.

Client Access Portal

Client access at no extra cost.

Approval Processes

Approve from anywhere.

Business Processes

Manage business processes

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