Processing Documents in the Inbox

by Feb 2, 2021Collaboration, Inbox

The Inbox holds new documents that you have captured until you give them a classification. This is also the first opportunity to add index field values to the documents.

1. Go to your inbox by clicking the main menu icon in the top left corner.

Hamburger Main Menu

2. Click Inbox from the menu.

Inbox Menu

• Or click your Inbox widget on the Dashboard.

Inbox Widget
Classification List

3. Click the document you wish to classify.

4. Select a Classification from the list of classifications for this project.

• If no classifications exist, please see Creating Classifications.

5. Fill in any index field information.

• If no index fields exist, please see Creating Fields.

6. Click COMMIT at the bottom once you’ve added all the desired index values.

Index Boxes and Commit

After clicking COMMIT you will be automatically taken to the first item remaining in your inbox to repeat steps 4 – 6 until either the inbox is empty or you wish to stop.

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