How to Drag and Drop Capture in Nucleus One

by Jan 20, 2021Document Capture, Document Management

There are many ways to capture documents in Nucleus One. The most commonly used and easiest options are via drag and drop upload into nucleus one.

Method 1:

Drag and drop files using a Dashboard Widget

From the Dashboard, you can select the drag and drop widget and proceed to drag and drop.

If you do not see the drag and drop widget, you will need to add it to your dashboard by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the bottom right before trying to capture a document.


Method 2:

Using the Main Menu Option

Another way to capture a document through drag and drop is to click the burger menu icon in the top left corner to view the drop down menu.

Locate the File Capture option to view this page.

Then, you simply drag and drop. All the drag and dropped files will be located in your inbox.

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