Creating Organizations in Nucleus One

by Feb 11, 2021Admin and Billing, Organizations and Projects

Organizations are the top level systems of Nucleus One. Organizations house Projects that may be used for many different purposes. Administrators may be assigned to Organizations to oversee and manage projects that reside within that organization.

Adding Organizations

To navigate to your existing Organizations or to add a new organization, click the silhouette image at the top right.

Open Organization option list
Select Manage Organizations from the list that appears. This option will take you to the “Organizations” page.
Manage Organization Option
Plus sign new organization
Name the organization that you are attempting to create.
Manage Organization Option
Manage administrators for your new organization. To invite a user to be an administrator of your Organization, you may use the Email option. When you send this invitation through email, the recipient will receive a link to join Nucleus One under your organization.
Invite Admin to Organization
To remove an Administrator user from an organization, select the checkbox that corresponds to the email address and name of the user you would like to remove. Then click the trash bin icon that appears once your selection is complete.
Remove Organization Member
Remove Organization Member prompt
To rename an Organization, click on the name of the organization at the top left. A prompt will appear to edit the name of your organization. Click “Go” to apply your changes.
Rename Organization 1
Rename Organiation 2
Once your organization is complete, you may view pertinent information about the creation of your organization, such as the creator, as well as the date and time it was created.
New Organization information

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