Building A Custom Form in Nucleus One

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Creating your own custom easy to use form in Nucleus One with fields, indexing, and digital signatures could not be more simple.

Creating A Form

Building a form starts with knowing what kind of form you are looking to create. In the main navigation drawer, open the Administration tab and select Forms.

Adding A Form Template

Inside the Form Templates page at the lower right hand corner, click the round “+” button to create a form.

Form Template Button

You will be prompted to name the form to add the template and begin customizing.

Add Template

Adding A Classification

Decide what classification your form will be under. On the right hand panel, select the classification that is available.

If you need to add a classification, the Toolbox will give advanced options.


Click the vertical ellipsis to find the Manage Classification option.

Advanced Form Options

Once you have selected the classification, determine how many pages your form will be and adjust as needed throughout the form building process.

You can set it to be a public form to allow access with a direct link.

Adding Fields

Now you are ready to start customizing your form.

There are two types of form details to choose from; presentation and input. Simply select the item and drag it to your form grid.

Under Presentation you have both a text option and an image option.
Text: Gives you non-fillable text detail for labels or instructions.
Image: Gives you the ability to incorporate your business logo.

Adjusting Arrows

Now that you have added a logo and some labeling, you can use the grid to line up your selections. If you need additional assistance with adjusting your selections, a directional arrow will appear on the right side panel when you click on the item you are working on.

The Input field options allow you to select what type of fillable option, which includes text fields, check boxes, sign and date.

Index Field: If you need to capture details off of a form for indexing, you can select the index field from the classification you selected for your form. If you need to know how to add an index field, select the Toolbox ellipsis and Manage Fields.

Text Box: A standard fillable text box. Gives you the ability to select several options.

  • Field Name: Name, Date, etc.
  • Label: If different from the field name
  • Data Type: Currency, Date, Text, etc.
  • Match: If needing an email address
  • Mask: When collecting sensitive information such as an SSN

*You can indicate whether the text field will be multiline, required, or sensitive.

List Box: A dropdown selection field.List Box: A dropdown selection field.

*Indicate if you allow new selections to be entered to build your list or if you allow multiple values.

**Upload/Download If you have an existing excel or text list, would like to pre-populate a list, or revise a current list.

Check Box: A multiple selections allowing more than one selection.Check Box: A multiple selections allowing more than one selection.

*You can indicate the selection is sensitive.

Radio Group: A choice with only one option for selection, i.e., Yes or No, True or False, etc. Radio Group: A choice with only one option for selection, i.e., Yes or No, True or False, etc.  Radio Values: enter an item per line

*Default display is in a row

Sign and Date:

  • Label: If different from the default Sign and Date label especially when multiple signatures are needed.

At any time while editing your field type, you can select the dropdown option of Field Type and adjust check to any other field type.

If you added a selection in error, simply drag and drop the field in the trash bin showing on the left panel.

The ability to preview your form is available at any time to make sure that the form is looking as expected.

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