Adding A Folder Widget

by Feb 16, 2021Basic Setup, The Dashboard

Easily access your most viewed documents by adding specific folders as widgets to your dashboard.

How to make a folder widget

in the Dashboard

One of the most helpful widgets you can add to your dashboard is a folder widget. Like a shortcut, this is a quick way to access an entire folder of documents quickly and easily, with one click. 

There are 2 ways to add a folder widget to your dashboard in Nucleus One. From the dashboard directly, or from the file itself.  


Adding Directly from The Dashboard

In the lower right hand side of the dashboard is a ‘+’ button. Clicking this button will open a prompt with a variety of dashboard widget options that can be added. Select the folder widget option. 

A new prompt will appear to select a classification and then a folder, similar to the one below. When finished, click the ‘add’ button to save your new widget.


add folder widget prompt popup
add folder widget select classification and folder

Adding via the folder itself

If you are already viewing the folder inside Nucleus One, you can quickly add that folder as a widget to quickly access it in the future in a single click. To add the folder, locate the button in the breadcrumb list display of that folder’s location as pictured below. 

adding folder widget from folder list

In the next popup, either rename your widget or simply click the ‘create’ button to save your new widget. 

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